Tuesday, 12 November 2019

How Nuclear Power in the UK has improved the Life, Lifestyle and Health of Someone You Know – and Maybe You (Ukraine added 23 Nov 2019)

From 1956 to today, the UK nuclear power plants have generated 3,000 TWh of low-carbon, 24/7 electricity - free of airborne pollutants, GHG emissions and toxic pollutants of land and water.

In 2009, 27.4% of the UK’s 376 TWh of electricity came from coal-fired power plants. That’s 103 TWh.

In 2009, those 103 TWh of electricity from burning highly polluting coal caused 1,601 premature deaths and 1,073,958 cases of ‘Lower Respiratory Symptoms’ [LRS]

"...It shows that the fumes from coal-fired power stations are responsible for the following effects on UK citizens: 1,600 premature deaths, 68,000 additional days of medication, 363,266 working days lost and more than a million incidents of lower respiratory symptoms, which is costing £1.1 to 3.1 billion (€1.3 to 3.7 billion) each year..." (Averaging £2.2 billion per year)

Premature Deaths caused by burning Coal: 15.5/TWh
LRS caused by burning Coal: 10,427/TWh
Annual cost from burning coal: £2.2 billion per year
Beneficial health effects from 3000 TWh of Pollution-Free Electricity generated by Nuclear Power:

Premature Deaths Saved: 46,500 UK Citizens
LRS Prevented in: 31,281,000 UK Citizens

The 3,000 TWh of pollution-free nuclear power generation is over 63 years which averages 47.6 TWh/year. Proportionate to the £2.2 billion costs per year for the 103 TWh of coal fired generation, the average cost is >£1 billion per year:

Total to 2019: £64 Billion

Nuclear Power Generation in Ukraine 
1970 to 2019. 
Somewhere in the media, every day of every year since April 1986, some anti-nuclear hype is foisted upon the general public.

But how many premature deaths have been saved and cases of respiratory ailments prevented by nuclear power generation in the Ukraine, displacing the burning of coal?

At 15.5 per TWh, that's 45,614 premature deaths saved.

At 10,427 per TWh, that's 30,685,000 cases of LSR prevented.

Look forward to a BBC documentary on this very subject.

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briancam said...

I work for Hitachi Cable America in Manchester NH usa. In 2014 a fellow engineer asked me "How do we solve Climate Change?" Thus began my journey as in 2013 I had heard James Hansen say "Time to Go NUCLEAR!". I did not Know Hitachi was Nuclear company. Fast Forwad 2020 Hope=BWRX-300 can begin to solve Climate change. My research in to RE == Propagander for the Fossil Fuel Industry. Good Luck with the Blog. Brian Campbell BSEE UMass Lowell