Thursday, 4 July 2019

The CCC says you’re getting H2 piped into your house soon. It’s made by SMR with CCuS and it’s going to cost you £1,270 more each year – FOREVER!

Who are the CCC – “…It provides independent, expert advice about reducing greenhouse gas emissions to UK and devolved governments and parliaments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland…”

 In 2017, domestic customers used 309.2 TWh of natural gas.

 UK - Natural Gas Flow Chart 2018 [TWh]

Page 2:  Average annual household energy bills (based on fixed consumption of……….15,000 kWh per annum for gas). Note: From the 309.2 TWh total use, this works out at 21,280,000 households using natural gas.
Page 13: Average annual domestic bill – Gas: £646

The cost of manufacturing hydrogen from Natural Gas, with CCuS in Europe is US$2.3/kgH2.

1 kg of Hydrogen has an Energy Content of 33.33 kWh/kg

15,000 kWh would use 450 kg of hydrogen. At a manufacturing cost of US$2.3/kg and an exchange rate of £0.81/US$, – with no profit margin – 
The cost of hydrogen would be: £838.00

Compare this to the wholesale price of natural gas: 
[Using interactive cursor] 01 June 2018 – 55 p/therm. 

29.3 kWh per therm = 1.877p/kWh. With a profit margin – 
The cost of 15,000 kWh of natural gas would be £282.00
Therms to kWh

£838.00 is a factor of 2.97X greater than £282.00

It would be perfectly reasonable to apply this factor to the average domestic bill for natural gas of £646.00
The domestic bill for hydrogen would rise to £1.916.00
An increase of £1,270.00 per year, FOREVER.

Applying this to 21,280,000 households, for decarbonising heating, cooking and hot water:
£27 billion would be paid out each year by domestic natural gas customers

CCuS is untried and untested at industrial scale and substantial doubts exist that it will ever get off the ground.

3,200 MW Sizewell C will cost £16 billion and supply 7% of the UK’s electricity. £27 billion each year would pay for 5,400 MW of nuclear power plant.

In 8½ years we could pay for 100% of the UK’s electricity from nuclear power.

Never mind the CCC’s ‘Net Zero’, with its hydrogen/CCuS; biomass-burning/CCuS; planting millions of trees!

Nuclear power gets the UK as close as any power generation technology can possibly get us, to:


OlderandWiser said...

Of course you will need added gas detectors and intrinsically safe alarms and the trained personnel to install them. The debt passed on to future generations will be colossal but who cares

Arsath said...

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